Empower your girl to reform the future!

Have you developed or dreamed of an amazing project you think could revolutionize the world, simplify our lives, help the disabled, or just make life on earth a little better, safer, or healthier? Marvel Studios is reaching out to girls ages 15 to 18 and in grades 10 through 12 and encouraging them to explore their inner potential to reform the future with positive world change … [Read more...]

Colorado Products: Steve Spangler Halloween Science

Looking to host the coolest Halloween Party on the block? Are your kids science nuts? Steve Spangler Science has fabulous products to alter your Halloween ideas to include some gooey, bubbling, belching science ideas to add into your Halloween activities! The most reasonable (only $4.99!!) and fun quick purchase is the ultimate guide to Halloween, the Halloween Science … [Read more...]

Confirmed! Mythbusters: The Explosive Exhibit is a Blast

Take a walk through the rain. Or run. Hang by your fingertips. Dodge a “bullet.” Find out how often the buttered side of the toast lands face up. Or down. Even if you are not a fan of the Mythbusters TV show, you and your family will have fun—and learn something about science—at Mythbusters: The Explosive Exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science (www.dmns.org). You … [Read more...]