Back to school data plan to control your Pokemon Go crazed Student!

With the release of Pokemon Go, most parents are thrilled to see their kids out and about and playing in parks. However, there's a downside - data! Has your data shot through the roof? Verizon is trying to help - they have unveiled a new My Verizon app where you can gain complete control of your wireless plan. Beginning today, you choose the amount of data you want and make … [Read more...]

Too much vacation, too little school?

It's the middle of summer vacation, the doldrums, and I don't need to look at the thermometer outside to know it's hot because my kids are all becoming zombie night owls obsessed with video games and their personal electronic devices. They're bored and the devices fill the time. I know the mantra, the guilt trip that as a parent I should be tossing aside everything that I need … [Read more...]

“School Stories” – a new Denver Parent series

I've been working on this for a while (ask all my Mile High Mama friends!) and so today when this article came out, I decided it was finally time to launch our new series. Oddly, the hardest part was what to call the feature, "School Stories" is a simple, but effective way of describing what I hope will be a useful series of articles for parents getting ready to send their … [Read more...]