Love Wins!

Congratulations to our own Fran and Anna and all the same-sex parents out there who now can celebrate and honor their marriage across the country!   … [Read more...]

“Mama, what is THAT?” a guide to microaggression

If you have been downtown this week, you have likely noticed visitors from around the country here for the Creating Change conference, many of which may appear “unusual”, including deviations from traditional expressions of gender. What better opportunity to talk to our children about how to talk to and about people who are different from ourselves? Connection is good and … [Read more...]

Simon Says: The Mother-Son Bond in Children’s Books

What is it about the love between a mother and her son? Any parental bond with their child regardless of gender is special in its own way- I can certainly speak from experience as a “daddy’s girl” and as a daughter who is close with her mother. However, now in the parental role myself,  I am cognizant of having entered a particular sisterhood as the mother of a son. There is … [Read more...]

Simon says the “W” word: one parent’s experience of the marriage equality issue

“Do you take Fran to be your lawfully wedded wife, in sickness and in health, until death do you part?” The mayor smiles as he asks me. I am radiant, wearing my mother’s wedding gown for the fifth and final time. I am pleased to be able to still squeeze into it after all these years and a pregnancy. “I DO!” I proudly answer. It has been a long road to get here, but marriage … [Read more...]

Simon Says: Sew Some Pride

“Let’s sew a hat, Mama!”  Our son, ever the morning person, is gazing longingly at my mending kit at 7am. Mind you, he has never sewed anything before, not even with the big plastic needle and yarn that came with an enticing puppet-making kit, a birthday gift some years ago.  That is, he wasn’t interested in his age-appropriate version.  He wants the real thing. Given that he … [Read more...]