Denver Area Haunted House Guide for all ages

Haunted Field of Screams and Maize in the City – Thornton 10451 McKay Road, Thornton, CO 80233 Haunted Field of Screams - Ticket prices vary but start at $49 for the 3 attractions, more for instant access Denver Parent enjoyed visit for our 2nd year in a row and this time we brought teens along! The experience proved to be terrifying and exciting and didn’t disappoint. … [Read more...]

Denver Date Night: Screaming Fun Date (adults and teens alike!)

Last night I had a screaming good time with my date at the Haunted Field of Screams and in the Dead Mans Night Maze! Haunted Field of Screams was kind of enough to set us up with VIP passes to try each of the three attractions they run. We first entered the Dead Mans Night Maze. The VIP pass allowed us to jump to the front of the line, nice! We were given some basic … [Read more...]

Switchcrafting your Halloween

One of my big problems with holidays is the mass consumption of stuff. Toys, wrapping paper, boxes, food, candy, clothes… All holidays have it. We buy new stuff and consume it quickly. Halloween is the next holiday coming up. Plastic costumes or lots of effort into homemade ones. And candy, so much candy. I have twin 4 year olds this year. Year One was easy. Put them in a cute … [Read more...]

Need a last minute Halloween costume?

Life gets hectic and we all know as parents we sometimes lose track of events like, uh, Halloween!! o, if you're scrambling for a last minute costume idea, check these out! Cardboard Robot A box, some silver spray paint, and any cables or wires that you have lying around. Make sure these are safe or save the wires and cables for an older child. A Baked Potato Wrap … [Read more...]

Colorado Products: Steve Spangler Halloween Science

Looking to host the coolest Halloween Party on the block? Are your kids science nuts? Steve Spangler Science has fabulous products to alter your Halloween ideas to include some gooey, bubbling, belching science ideas to add into your Halloween activities! The most reasonable (only $4.99!!) and fun quick purchase is the ultimate guide to Halloween, the Halloween Science … [Read more...]