Pregnant Moms can look to Ford for Auto Safety

Most of us value the safety of a pregnant woman, but Ford has taken it to the next level. Last week I got to check out Ford's empathy suit. A multi-component, weighted garment, the suit is designed to enable men and women to experience the effects of pregnancy. Engineers used, and are continuing to use this insight to understand the needs and limitations of moms-to-be when … [Read more...]

Munchkin Latch *Review

I recently had the pleasure to attend a bottle release in Denver for the Munchkin Latch.  I have a 12 month-old that is drinking more on the go now and a sippy cup is not always the answer.  He has glass bottles and recently shattered one while we were out at a restaurant.  Oooops! We are a family in need of a different bottle.  This release party came along at a great … [Read more...]

A visit to the Mothers’ Milk Bank of Colorado

This past week I was given the opportunity to tour the Mothers' Milk Bank located in the Presbyterian St. Luke's Hospital in Denver in an effort to get the word out about human milk banking. This is something that I was interested in donating to in the earlier stages of breastfeeding Aiden and if I'm being honest, I never really followed through with until they reached … [Read more...]