Empowered Mama Workshop this weekend and we’re giving away tickets!

FIT4MOM and its Founding Mom, Lisa Druxman, are coming to Denver to connect with moms LIVE on Sept. 16 and you are invited to our first ever Empowered Mama Workshop. What does the Empowered Mama Workshop include? A day of self-development, fun, fitness, and connection designed specifically for working mamas, aspiring mom bosses and mompreneurs, plus: Breakfast … [Read more...]

Have you heard about or watched the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why? Suicide Prevention information for Parents, Kids and Counselors

If you have a child, niece, nephew, family friend, or teenage student, chances are they are one of the millions of viewers who are talking about this thought-provoking, disturbing, and at times horrifying story of the suicide of a teenage girl named Hannah. Each episode of “13 Reasons Why” outlines a different reason Hannah decided to take her own life, ranging from being … [Read more...]

Five Tips for Smoother School Mornings

I always love the beginning of a new school year because it’s a chance to start over, reorganize daily schedules and get back into a routine. The mornings, however, are tough.  Between dragging the kids out of bed, packing lunches, brushing teeth and unsnarling hair, it can sometimes feel like a day’s worth of work before you even get out the door! As a parent, the morning … [Read more...]

Talking with Teens about Pot in Colorado

If you have teens, I’m sure you’re familiar with their common forms of deep and meaningful communication. ME: “How was your day?” TEEN: “Good” ME: “Did you end up doing ok on that English project you were worried about?” TEEN: “yep” ME: “So how is that issue with your friend you were struggling with?” TEEN: “Don’t worry about it Mom” That last sentence was … [Read more...]

Mile High Mamas Vote For Kids’ Health

“As a mom, and with another one on the way, it’s critical that we talk about these issues as moms and parents who have a powerful voice.” Mayor Christine Berg is speaking out to educate parents on the issues affecting her children’s health. The same air pollution that is making our children sick is contributing to rising temperatures, extreme weather, disruptions to the … [Read more...]