The Screen Time Dilemma

I Became Obsessed with Creating a Hands-on/Screen-Off Collaborative Technology Experience for my Kids. There’s a long list of topics that you only think about as a parent. The amount of time my children spend sitting in front of a screen has moved to the top of that list. When the research community talks about excessive screen time with kids, they use terms like sensory … [Read more...]

Family Concierge: A dream come true?

I wasn’t at all sure what “Family Concierge” meant when I first found out about Allison Woodson’s new service to help families; wasn’t a concierge the guy at the hotel who recommended restaurants? Well, it turns out that Allison can do that, too (to your exact specifications, no less), but finding you the perfect restaurant is just the tip of the iceberg. Concierge means, … [Read more...]

Wish Gifts to fill your wish list

“It is like a Spencers for women”. That is how I have found myself describing what will become my new favorite place to shop for all my gift-giving….okay, mainly for gift-giving with a thing or three thrown in for myself. Wish Gifts is the perfect place to find unique gifts that will put you in the rank of “best gift giver”. The ladies at Wish Gifts know what they are doing. … [Read more...]

Colorado Products: The Shower Shimmy

Karla Call a Denver resident and mom of four, runs an award-winning dance studio and still managed to find time to stumble on the idea of The Shower Shimmy while cleaning her own shower the long and labor intensive way and decided there had to be a better way! “Two years ago when cleaning my shower, I would have to gather the sponges, rags, grout scrubber, squeegee and … [Read more...]

How to be a Hot Mama in 2015: Boutique gym in Wash Park can help you keep your resolutions

“YOU BETTER WORK, B***H” is printed in bold letters on the tank top of our instructor for this morning’s fitness class “Femme Fatale.” Although I never hear her utter that phrase, she does say, “There’s no stopping!” and “This is your time! Think about why you’re here!” and “You can do anything for 30 seconds!” It is the most intense workout I have ever had, including strength, … [Read more...]