Guest post: Coding Is For Women Too

By Angela Lindow My father helped me set my first email when I was 11. That doesn’t seem unusual now, but on the island of Guam in 1998, I was the only one of my friends who had an email address or cared about computers. My father loved technology and he helped me build a computer from his stash of spare parts. In middle school, I taught myself enough HTML to make a … [Read more...]

10 Things Every Parent Should Know About Pokémon Go

Have your kids inexplicably gotten up from the couch for the first time this summer? Are they asking to go places? Do you see people wandering the streets with their phones in front of them? Welcome to an insanely addictive phenomenon that is spreading throughout kids - and yes, adults - everywhere! Quite simply, Pokémon Go uses your phone’s GPS system to detect … [Read more...]

7 Things Denver Parents Need To Know About Estate Planning

By Linda E. Becker, Esq., founder of The Becker Law Firm, LLC A way to make the unthinkable more bearable: An Estate Plan as added protection for your family: Estate planning is the means to determine what happens to you and your property when you can no longer make those decisions whether due to incapacity or death. Without an estate plan, you stand to make a challenging time … [Read more...]

Pregnant Moms can look to Ford for Auto Safety

Most of us value the safety of a pregnant woman, but Ford has taken it to the next level. Last week I got to check out Ford's empathy suit. A multi-component, weighted garment, the suit is designed to enable men and women to experience the effects of pregnancy. Engineers used, and are continuing to use this insight to understand the needs and limitations of moms-to-be when … [Read more...]

Steampunk and more this summer at the Colorado Railroad Museum

If you haven't been out to the Colorado Railroad Museum lately, there's something for every age group. With over 100 narrow and standard gauge steam and diesel locomotives, passenger cars, cabooses HO Model Railroad and G-scale garden railway a 15-acre railyard. There is a great exhibit titled "Eating on the Rails: A Look at Dining on Railroads" where they explore the … [Read more...]