Denver Parent is pleased to accept proposals for advertising from companies that are a good fit with our message and our readers.

Advertising Options

Advertising is offered on a weekly flat-rate basis for periods of at least a month. A discount of 10% is offered on a 6 month pre-pay and 20% on a one year placement. Contact us for more information about these opportunities.

Paid Guest Post Opportunities

First, we only accept local and relevant content – we do not run generic content for advertisers. Posts start at $225 but vary depending on whether they come to us pre-written or are creative, original content.

Please  email us with any questions.

updated 8/2017

updated 1/2018

Our Readers

We are happy to do product reviews and/or giveaways for appropriate products.  However, we do charge for this service. Please contact us for rates and availability. We do not guarantee a review, nor do we review any products that are not a match with our readers.