Great Wolf Lodge in Colorado Springs is fun for the whole family!

Great Wolf Lodge in Colorado Springs invited us to visit for a weekend, who am I to say no?

I was a bit concerned when we arrived that the attractions would not appeal to my children as everything looked a little too kiddy oriented to me, I was pleasantly shocked at the amount of fun we had during the weekend.
The main attraction is the water park which includes four slides, a wave pool, and play areas for children of all ages and is included with the cost of the room and only open to guests (so yay, shorter lines!).  The slides I was brave enough to try were really fun!  The Howlin’ Tornado was my favorite! Up to four, our entire group, sits on a raft like inner tube and takes a pleasant ride over a precipitous drop and ride the walls inside a six story half pipe, I may have screamed, my daughter definitely screamed. My son and boyfriend both tried the Wolf Tail, I was told it was scary and awesome, I decided against forming my own opinion.

The food was good. We liked the buffet the best, and who wouldn’t when they are feeding teens? Ben and Jerry’s and Dunkin’ Donuts provided yummy options in the morning and evening. Great Wolf is especially proud of the fact that they can accommodate any food allergies or sensitivities. Just mention it when you reserve your room and they will go out of their way to make food a fun experience for anyone with food issues, which is a huge selling point if you’ve had to work around issues like this with other hotels and resorts. The food was fabulous and also locally resourced!
Besides the water park the MagiQuest game was quite fun and more entertaining than I imagined when it was explained, you will get your steps in if you try this going from floor to floor to find all the items you need to complete magic weapons. The ropes course was scarier than it looked from the ground, I’m glad my daughter chickened out with me. The climbing wall was more our speed and scaled from easy to hard. Creation Station allows you to build a stuffed animal that interacts with displays around the resort.
Overall the resort is well worth the experience, thanks in large part to the staff who were universally polite and helpful, if you are looking for something closer to home than Disney. My favorite part was how all the activities encouraged families to spend time together rather than sprinting off in different directions.

Great Wolf Lodge

9494 Federal Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80921

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