The Angry Birds Movie Review

When Angry Birds hit the app store, it took the world by storm, spawning pieces of merchandise and game sequels angrybirdsmovieinto consumer’s pockets. So when the movie was announced, you can imagine the hype. The movie and its storyline was okay, but overall the writing made the timing of the jokes and most of the backstory to be choppy and unfinished, unlike the magnificent game that flooded the nation’s phones.


The best part of the movie was its general idea. The movie may seem like your typical angry birds story, but it goes much more into detail about how the bird team met, how the pigs met the birds, the other residents of the town, and the answered question of why the birds are angry. The representation of anger in this movie is placed well to connect with the audience about their personal anger.

When it came to the writing, the film was definitely not as well thought out and as family friendly as it could have been. The main character’s backstory was not prominent, and took until the very end, when Red’s internal conflict was 1280x720-gmXsolved, to understand it. This could have easily been fixed if the flashbacks were all told at the very beginning, instead of inserted in random places without even an indicator that they were to happen. Both adult and child jokes were also inserted in this fashion. There were a couple scenes that were supposed to be child humor, when in reality they took far too much time in the movie that it lost its original flare, so that they became boring and even more gross than it seemed in the first two minutes (The peeing scene, yes, I’m talking about the peeing scene).

The adult jokes, too, took up more time, and it was obvious that the writers cared more about quantity than quality. About seventy percent of the dialogue was “adult humor”, that not even the adults laughed at. Several swear words appeared in the movie, but were replaced with bird-like words (Ex: pluck me) that were funny, but could be unsuitable for young children.

Despite the quickly pulled together writing, the movie had a great story and memorable characters, and it will definitely sell more games and merchandise. I would recommend that either kids 5 and under, or kids 13 and up should see it, because the adult content.

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