Moms night out at the Punch Bowl Social

Want to strike fear into your kids? Just offer to sing for them!

That’s why I took a group of my “besties”,left the kids at home, and struck out for a night on the town without them (who needs the criticism anyway!). We had an amazing time!

First off, Punch Bowl Social is a bar, but it’s also a bowling alley, a place to play awesome retro video games AND enjoy their new private (yep, that’s important) karaoke rooms! (guess which I liked best!)


We started out with an awesome game of bowling – ok, we stank (except for bowling1one member of the party who bowled in a league!) and had a fabulous time doing it. Most of our entertainment was generated by these amazing appetizers, from yummy stuffed mushrooms to their street tacos and enjoying their namesake punch bowl drinks! The non-alcoholic punch bowl was surprisingly awesome (although did nothing to improve our signing or  bowling) and the spiked bowls were really good and easy to drink (don’t worry, we had designated drivers!).

Prices for bowling:

Mon-Fri 11am-5pm $4 per person per hour
Sat-Sun 11am-5pm $5 per person per hour
Sun-Thur 5pm-close $7 per person per hour
Fri-Sat 5pm-close $8 per person per hour

Shoes $3.50 all the time


Then we hit the karaoke room – it was awesome! Seriously – but you have to enjoy singing at the top of your lungs! Bonus, only friends could see us (as for who could hear us, we didn’t really care!).

2016-03-21 19.13.51Prices for karaoke:
1-5 guests $25 per hour
6-10 guests $35 per hour

One question that came up during social media posts (#denverparent – go check em out on Instagram and Facebook) is whether or not this place is kid friendly – absolutely yes, but I would stay away from Friday and Saturday night because as I mentioned before, it is a bar. However, we were there on a weeknight and kids with their families seemed to be having a great time!

Address: 65 Broadway, Denver, CO 80203
Phone:(303) 765-2695
Menu and hours:

**disclaimer: Punch Bowl social provided the free entertainment and food for this post, we may have taken full advantage by spending hours in the karaoke room, but all the opinions are mine (as well as the off-key singing, which I refuse to apologize for!).

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Such a fun night!

In my defense, I was on a league in freakin HIGH SCHOOL.

I am proud that I broke 100, though (if only by 3).

I’ll definitely be back to Punchbowl Social!

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