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wishgifts1“It is like a Spencers for women”. That is how I have found myself describing what will become my new favorite place to shop for all my gift-giving….okay, mainly for gift-giving with a thing or three thrown in for myself. Wish Gifts is the perfect place to find unique gifts that will put you in the rank of “best gift giver”.

The ladies at Wish Gifts know what they are doing. As I was driving down University (in the wrong lane to turn of course because that is how my phone likes to mess with me), I knew my destination the second I saw it. There is a bright pink princess chair, pink bench, pink railings, and pink planters that shout fun and whimsical. If you happen to glance to your right as you are walking to the front door there is room with a huge chalkboard wishlist. Needless to say, my daughter and I were excited before we even opened the door. My son was a bit hesitant, but he still thinks girls have cooties, and thus pink is out because it is associated with girls in his mind.

I will admit that I am one of those people that wants to give something different each year, but I run out of ideas pretty quickly. Especially for my sister or my best wishgifts2friend of over 8 years. I have pretty much given them every unique and personality-tailored gift that I could think of.. At least I thought I did until I browsed around Wish Gifts. And when I say browsed around I mean that we spent about two hours going around and around the store, because each time we went to a different area we saw something we didn’t see the last time around.

There is absolutely something for everyone and every occasion at Wish Gifts. In between looking at whatever my kids just HAD to show me, I quickly found something for my favorite graduate next year, my best friend, my sister, my mother, and even my husband. Even grandma would enjoy the hand lotions and candles. And as for that hesitant son of mine, he spent a half an hour in the kid section before he finally decided that he wanted the thinking putty instead of the Gravity Maze. But only on the promise we would go back for wishgifts3the other when he got his allowance. I am still kicking myself for not getting my daughter the little tins that held M.A.S.H and TRUTH OR DARE. No worries, I will be heading back soon, I am sure.

Seriously, where else can you pick up a mustache pacifier for a new baby, a time capsule of letters for the baby’s mom, a bride to be bucket list and some naughty items for the bachelorette party, beer pong for the college reunion, an energy bracelet for yourself, and a tin lunchbox for your kiddo going back to school? And that is only half of my WISH list.


Wish Gifts Denver
750 S. University Blvd.
Denver, CO 80209

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Thank you! Wow, we are so touched by this and so happy you enjoyed yourselves. It was such a treat to meet you and your sweet kids. Your support of us is greatly appreciated! Thanks and see you soon!
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