Munchkin Latch *Review

I recently had the pleasure to attend a bottle release in Denver for the Munchkin Latch.  I have a 12 month-old that is drinking more on the go now and a sippy cup is not always the answer.  He has glass bottles and recently shattered one while we were out at a restaurant.  Oooops! We are a family in need of a different bottle.  This release party came along at a great time.

The Latch has a stretchable nipple with an accordion neck to mimic a mother’s breast or rather how babies are known to pull on a mother’s breast.  The anti-colic valve is at the bottom of the bottle versus the base of the neck so that it can relieve pressure without being a distraction to baby.  And as far as materials the bottle is made of polypropylene and the nipple and valve are made of silicone.  The Munchkin Latch is BPA and phthalate-free. Munchkin Latch

My little guy used one while at the party and has been having pretty good success with it this past week.  We have an 8 oz. and 4 oz. size.  The nipples are rated stages 1, 2, and 3 with 3 being for more mature little ones.  Thanks for inviting me along Munchkin Latch and thank you for hosting Real Baby.  You can find this bottle at,, Target, and Babies”r”us.

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received 2 bottles and had a cupcake and sparkling water at the event. Opinions are my own.


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This was a really fun event! I received my gift bag with the bottle and nipples and my little one loves it! I went back to Real Baby after the event to pick up another bottle and was happy to see that they were fully stocked. Great event, great store, great bottle!

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