Guest post: Need Room? 3 ways to get rid of old toys

Every parent has to deal with lack of room even in spacious houses, normally caused by the fact that the amount of toys at home surpasses the number of household items, furniture pieces and clothes altogether. The problem is that the children grow out of toys the same way they grow out of clothes – they lose interest in playthings which are age-inappropriate. Of course, every kid has a couple of favorite dolls or teddies, but most of the other things become obsolete. So it becomes necessary to get rid of those to make room for new ones, especially when toomanytoysChristmas, which is usually accompanied by generous presents from Santa, grandmas and grandpas, is near at hand. Here are a couple of ideas on where the toys could go.

It’s a great idea to donate some. You could also discuss this decision with your child, explain him or her that there are some other less fortunate children who would be very thankful for a thoughtful gift. This way you teach your offspring not to be greedy and they will find some toys which they would be willing to give away. If there is no toy drive in your area, contact local church and ask them where your donations should go. Your child will be very proud and happy to make the donation together with you.

Sometimes it’s also makes sense to re purpose old toys and create planters, picture frames, coat hangers, Christmas decorations or whatever your imagination decides out of them. Again, the activity can be fun for children so frustrate them by too much planning. This also allows children to learn that sometimes it’s much cooler to make something with one’s hands than to buy.

And, there is the easiest way to solve the problem – to sell the old toys. You probably won’t be able to sell all of them, but some of them may attract buyers if you set reasonable prices. Remember, you are pursuing the objective to make space, not to earn some pocket money, so check the actual prices for the toys you own and charge a half. This way it will be much easier to trade them off. Your child can also be involved in this process, firstly, by selecting the toys ‘for sale’, and secondly, they could assist you in taking pictures of toys for your ads – photos are very important if you want to sell them online.


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One easy way to sell your out-grown toys is to bring them to a Kid to Kid location near you. There are 2 stores in the Denver area, one in Aurora and one in Arvada. They pay cash for toys (and apparel, equipment and a slew of other things) or if you choose their store credit option you earn 20% more. Check them out, they are excellent, upscale, organized, clean resale stores.

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