Where do you go for new recipe ideas?

I love the internet and my smartphone, so my answer to this question is that I search the net for recipes.  I think I’m pretty good at it! 🙂 for example, tonight I’m looking for something beefy to stick in our slow cooker. What’s your favorite site to use? Here are a few of mine:

recipe sitesAllRecipes.com – frankly not always the most gourmet of the recipe sites, but I LOVE that there are comments. Good recipes made better by other people trying them. I find a recipe and then scroll through the comments to see additions/subtractions people have made. They also have a really cool phone app with a “spinner” where you can pick “main dish”, “chicken” and “30 mins” for prep time – and you get a list! I use this quite often in the store when I’m desperate for something different!

Pinterest – Not traditionally a recipe site, this can be tricky, I put in search terms (like avocado) and see what comes up. Frankly sometimes I get good recipes and sometimes I don’t, because you’re at the mercy of individual bloggers and site owners. Just because something photographs well doesn’t mean it’s tasty, but I guess it’s a start.

Epicurious.com – Gourmet and some of the recipes contain some tough to find ingredients, but I don’t think I’ve ever made a bad recipe here, but sometimes they’re tricky and take multiple steps. Not a site for beginners! One really cool feature of this site is that the recipe finder includes a way to enter ingredients you have handy! 🙂

Foodnetwork.com – pick your favorite food network personality and make their recipes! What could be better? However, I have made things I didn’t like here. Sometimes things are just too something – too fatty, too sugary, too salty! Maybe the food network TV stars hold something back? (just kidding, but I sometimes wonder – ha ha)

My total favorite? (seriously, you won’t believe it!)

Webmd.com Health & Cooking – Rarely have I made something our family didn’t like and what’s better is that these recipes are Dr. approved! They go through the recipes and make substitutes to make them healthier. I get their weekly emails and often find the recipes inspiring and yummy!

What are your favorite sites?

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