Elitch’s for all ages – even in the fall!

This summer we took 3 generations to Elitch’s – was it fun, yes! I have some recommendations and some thoughts about how to maximize your trip.

First, plan most of the day. The grandparents – my husbands parents – needed to sit a lot (the good news is elitches2Elitch’s provides a ton of good seating with shade) and the walking wore them out. But there are fun rides and activities for them too. They enjoyed the tower (rode the elevator up) and also some of the mild rides. We all completed our visit with a fabulous ride on the Ferris wheel – which we all enjoyed.

Be prepared for rain delays – almost any time of the summer this is a possibility. So knowing the schedule for shows or pinpointing the ice cream place for future reference was important!

The great thing about bringing along an older generation was anyone who wanted to sit out a ride could just hang out with them. However, the park is fun and there is really something for everyone. With the street performances, theater performances, the variety of rides (and terror level!), chances to get out of the sun, or into the sun, it’s a great place for all ages and all personalities.

My only criticism was that the music is pretty loud all around the park making it difficult to chat and sometimes to be heard. However, this was a mild issue and we worked around it.

So why post this article now? the park is closed! Actually it isn’t! Did you know Elitches is open through the fall? Check hours here, but Elitch’s is open through the end of October!

Celebrate Halloween in Denver with 2 ALL-NEW haunted houses, live shows, and kids’ treats at Elitch Gardens! And don’t miss the SEANCE, a haunted experience with chillingly unexpected results! Family by day and Fright by night, they offer entertainment for the whole family

Friday nights, Saturdays and Sundays, October 5th – 27th, 2013

Check out the website for more information!

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