Run Back to School With Famous Footwear ~ Giveaway! (Closed)

Many of us remember high school gym class as slightly mortifying. The teen years are tough enough without dungeon-like locker rooms and icky uniforms. Not a lot has changed. Thankfully, kids today have better athletic shoe options. Between technology and eye-popping style, your gym class conquerors can make the most of mandated mid-day workouts and look great running laps around the gym.

Famous Footwear is the perfect stop to gear-up kids of all ages. Girls’ styles are wild with bright colors and prints, but still provide high tech foot support to maximize her workouts. Self-expression in drab gym is not dead! Check out these glorious scoots:

Women's Saucony GRID COHESION 6 in Blue Citron
Women’s Saucony GRID COHESION 6 in Blue Citron

My teenage daughter reports not only are these Saucony Women’s GRID COHESION 6 athletics “ridiculously comfy” but the color makes her happy as well. She has them in Blue Citron, but they also come in other brights like Pink/Blue/Yellow and Green/Pink. I’m totally jelly that girls going back to school in 2013 have more color options than black, white, red, and blue. That’s what we wore back in the day. But if your girl is more into subdued colors or her gym class is super-strict with uniform requirements, this same awesome shoes comes in Silver/Blue/Black. It retails at a very reasonable $59.99 and is available at Famous Footwear now!

Boys can also go back to school in style with their own cool athletic shoes. Girls don’t get to have all the fun with the latest bright shoe trend. Watch the flash of colorful shoes run around the track and you might think you’re at some sort of rave. My teenaged son is going to wear Asics Men’s Gel Venture 3 this school year. They’re more subdued than some of the other styles, but still provide a nice jolt of electric orange. I’m pretty sure they have more technology than our first VCR. Like my daughter’s shoes, these retail for $59.99 at Famous Footwear.

Men's Asics Gel Venture 3
Men’s Asics Gel Venture 3


High School Gym Class Heroes
High School Gym Class Heroes

Famous Footwear is loaded with all the beautifully bright and high-tech athletics your kids need. But what about the rest of the day when they aren’t spiking volleyballs or running the Friday mile? A blast from the past is back in a huge way for Back To School 2013. Remember Top Siders from days of yore? Everyone wore them when I was in high school and I love that they’ve burst onto the scene again, updated but still classically preppy. Sperry Top Sider is the brand you want and Famous Footwear has them ready to roll.

We checked out Sperry Top-Sider Kids’ Biscayne in pink sequin for our daughter going into second grade. She loves the bright color, the sparkle, and she even loves the floral lining. What lucky little feet! I love that they slip on and off easily for those frantic mornings which are sure to come, but will still look great. Bright pink is an awesome color because it’s more versatile than you think. Name a color it clashes with. You can’t. I can’t.

Sperry Top Sider Biscayne in Pink Sequin
Sperry Top Sider Biscayne in Pink Sequin

We paired it with a preppy striped dress and crazy neon animal print leggings, two big trends for 2013. The Topsiders pull it together. Perfect first day of second grade outfit? Yep.

On Trend: Preppy Stripes and Wacky Animal Prints, Together Again for the First Time!
On Trend: Preppy Stripes and Wacky Animal Prints, Together Again for the First Time!

Sperry Biscayne is available now at Famous Footwear, retailing at $44.99. They also come in black and pink zebra!

Our teenaged son is suddenly interested in shoes beyond what I buy for him. Suddenly, style is more important than it was back in those days of being just a kid. He jumped all over Men’s Sperry Top-Sider Halyard in chocolate (they also come in navy, grey, red, and black). They’re canvas and look slightly distressed for that casual “I’ve been on adventures” look teen boys seem to dig. I like that they can go with shorts, skinny jeans, and casual pants. Of course, socks are not cool to wear with Top Siders. Your son can wear them every day, even when it snows. You know he will, because teen boys do not believe in coats either.

Sperry Top Sider Halyard in chocolate
Sperry Top Sider Halyard in chocolate
Note: No socks!
Note: No socks!

From now to September 18, 2013, Famous Footwear is featuring their very popular BOGO event. Buy one pair, get the next 50% off! When you have more than one pair of shoes to buy, this is a tremendous help. All of the shoes pictured are available at Famous Footwear online and in stores.


UPDATE: The Giveaway is now closed! The winner of the $50 Famous Footwear gift card was comment #1, Laura! Thanks to everyone for participating.


Famous Footwear is giving away one $50.00 gift card to a Denver Parent reader! Entering is easy. Simply leave a comment sharing what back-to-school shoes your family needs (or what shoes you have your eye on!) One comment per person, valid for US residents only. Winner will be drawn via Entries accepted until Monday, August 12th at 12:00pm MDT. Winner will be notified via the email address you share and have 48 hours to reply. 


(Famous Footwear sent our family the pictured shoes to review, try-on, romp in, and test drive. The opinions of the shoes featured and styles are solely my own and my kids’.)

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We love shopping at Famous Footwear – both my kids have larger feet and it is one of the few places with lots of great options in hard to find bigger sizes. We can usually find something in the store in a pinch but the online options are wider than many others.

With 7 kids, we always need LOTS of shoes. 🙂 My husband and teenage sons have had good success finding shoes they like at Famous Footwear.
The Sperry brands looks very interesting.

We need at least 3 pairs of shoes, all girls this time. I LOVE the bright colors!!

My 10 year old son loves bright lime green (the brighter, the better), so we’re looking for tennis shoes so bright you need sunglasses!

Your article is perfect timing! My daughter needs sneakers for Back-to-School. Famous Footware has such a tremendous selection, we’ll be heading there for sure.

I have two girls in need of some new sneakers before school starts. Love the bright colors!

I always shop Famous Footwear… I need some new hiking sandals!

My 3rd grader needs new shoes. While the soles on his are holding together, his toes are popping out the top!

Hurray, we love Famous Footwear! I’m looking for a shoes for my daughter that she can not only wear with casual skirts but that will work in gym class as well.

We always need new shoes. Seems like they need them every few months. Personally, I’d like a comfy ballet flat.

My kids need some back-to-school shoes! I think I need some too, my daily wear shoes are super worn out and ready for the trash can.

Great pictures!

My 6 year old son is so hard on his shoes. He needs the most durable pair of sneakers you have!

Oh my! We have a large GROWING family. My 7 yr old Daughter can’t seem to make shoes last longer than 30 days. And my 12 yr old son is very athletic and has foot issues, so we’re replacing his shoes more often than most…………and two teenagers – one boy, one girl………fashion is essential for these two! Oh! And I can’t forget my husband! COMFORT is key! His fave….NIKE SHOCKS! I haven’t seem to find a pair for myself in quite awhile….I’m always taking care of everyone else’s shoe needs and usually just buy a cheap pair for myself, that end up very uncomfortable. 🙁 THATS it in a nut shell…………..Our family is definitely in need of 7 pairs of shoes for Back to SCHOOL!!!

I think my 5 year old would love those sperry sparkly shoes! I personally want the Sauconys for me!

My little one has just shot up like a weed and out grown ever pair we own. I am currently looking for work and my husband just started a new job. There couldn’t possibly better timing for our family and aa giveaway like this. You rock Famous Footwear! We’ll take any shoe you want to throw our way 😉

What timing – I just dropped a bundle at Famous Footwear for sneakers for the little girls! I still need to pick up a pair of Vans for my son, though – and new kicks for myself as well!

I do like Famous Footwear, price, selection, sizes available and you know what you’re going to get just by walking in, no kidding. Both my school-age kiddos would love the Sperry’s you’ve shown (love the photos, BTW). I love a slip-on shoe, for them and for me.

I am currently hunting for something athletic for my pre-K professional puddle jumper.

Honestly, I can’t keep up with my children’s shoe needs. Seems like any time we’re near a shoe store they suddenly remember that they need boots, flip-flops, sneakers, tennis shoes, what-have-you, even though I am sure I remember buying just those shoes for just that child not two months earlier. My theory: There’s a huge locker at the back of their closets absolutely full of shoes that they’re hiding from me. Still, $50 against the inevitability of having to get new shoes for two teens and a 9yo? Sounds terrific!

My son needs a pair of tennis shoes for the fall/winter!


My daughter would love those pink shoes and I love that they aren’t open toed.


I’m in love with the Women’s Olicia shoes, just my style and they’ll go with everything I own!

Actually, I am eying the Sperry Top Sider Biscayne in Pink Sequin shoes in the photo above, they are great!
jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

Stefanie Gladden

I’ve been wanting to get a new pair of Nikes to work out in!! 🙂

My husband and I want to start running and we both need some good-quality running shoes. Thanks!

Needing shoes for 6th grader, 4th grader, and 2nd. The 4th grader is a girl and needs more than one pair. The boys are fine with one pair of tennis shoes.

Would love to win a pair of sperrys for the kiddo who starts school in two days.Thanks for the chance

Famous Footwear has always been my go-to. When they don’t have my son’s size, they will find it and send to my house for free. It usually takes only a few days. I have my eyes on some non-athletic shoes for him. And maybe I will have to sacrifice and get my own half priced pair? I’m such a good mom.

My little guy isn’t school-aged yet, but his feet sure do grow fast! He’s outgrowing his tennis shoes fast and has wide feet that require good shoes! Hopefully Famous Footwear would have something that would fit the bill!

After having worn flip-flops all summer, my girls will be quite bummed to be back in shoes for the school year. Those pink Sperry ones should make the transition a little easier!

My first one is off to college and will need some new shoes–those asics would be great as he runs from class to class. And the twins, both in high school, both need new athletic shoes too.

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