Coca-Cola’s “Pay it Forward” inspirational giveaway!

At Denver Parent, we try to support great causes when we see them and this one was such a wonderful opportunity.

Coca-Cola’s “Pay It Forward” program helps parents, relatives, mentors, friends and the community support aspiring young people and help them to achieve their dreams by nominating them for unique and exciting apprenticeship experiences.  The program provides four lucky nominees with the unique and exciting opportunity for an apprenticeship experience with one of the country’s most respected celebrity history makers:  business mogul Magic Johnson; chairman and CEO of BET Networks, Debra Lee; or hip hop artist and philanthropist, Common.

Parents, relatives, friends and mentors can nominate aspiring youth between the ages of 16-21, now through March 2nd for a chance to win the apprentice experience.

You can nominate up to five young people (the young person can also nominate himself/herself) and be entered for a chance to win a $5,000 sweepstakes with each nomination!

coke-pay-it-forwardTo inspire you to think of someone you might nominate, we (through the generosity of Coca-Cola) and to promote the general “pay it forward” challenge would like to offer our readers a $120 prize pack!

  • $100 Amex card to help you and your family “Pay It Forward” in the New Year
  • Coca-Cola “Pay It Forward” journal
  • Coca-Cola “Pay-It-Forward” t-shirt, bracelet and shopping bag.

How to “Pay it Forward”:

Because Coca-Cola was gracious enough to give me one of these gift packs, I felt that I wanted to do something special to “pay it forward” with my $100.

I was lucky enough to attend a wonderful, small, private, all-women’s college in Missouri, Cottey College.

With my $100, I reached out to their Women’s Leadership baccalaureate programs and offered my $100 to one of their students. I’m SO excited to donate my money and I’ll be awarding my $100 about a week after I draw for my reader’s “pay it forward” prize pack.    I’m also hoping to nominate one or maybe two girls for the Apprentice program as well! 🙂

To Enter the Denver Parent Giveaway (Deadline Monday February 25th at midnight):

Tell me how you’d “Pay it Forward” with your $100! Do you have a special charity or kid’s group in mind?

In a comment below, briefly tell me what you’d do with your money and how you could help pay it forward OR tell me if you have a nominee in mind. The winner will be chosen randomly, but only comments who answer one of these questions will be allowed.

This is a sponsored post by Coca-Cola, in exchange for my time and effort Denver Parent has received compensation. Even though I receive these benefits, I always give an opinion that is 100% mine” – visit my disclosure page for more information.

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World Vision has an entrepreneurship program in which people in villages are seeking micro loans to get more inventory or other necessities for their growing businesses. Often times it’s only a few hundred dollars to complete their goals. I’d LOVE to donate money to these people and fulfill someone’s wish of getting their businesses off to a great start.

We love charities that help kids. We have donated to St Jude or march of dimes. We feel so fortunate to have healthy kids and we pay yearly forward to help those children who are struggling and their families. It is my experience that children with disabilities are very special and if we can’t find a cure we should at least try to help with treatment. That’s where our prize money would go if we won.

My dear friend lost her husband to cancer a few months ago – she’s my pay it forward. They are really struggling to make ends meet.

I would “pay it forward” to Horse Heaven Stables, LLC. She runs a program where she allows foster kids’ to come in and work with the horses and take riding lessons. A little bit of time with animals means so much to these kids and it is beyond therapeutic for them. The kids’ learn responsibility by helping to clean the animals and the stables and they don’t mind because they find love with the horses. Horse Heaven Stables also takes in horses that other people cannot afford or horses that are too old for people to want anymore.

It is an amazing program, run by a truly wonderful woman who spends her days taking care of kids’ and horses who really need it. She is such an inspiration!

I know a friend locally that is going through cancer, I’d love to “Pay it Forward” to her, take her daughter with me shopping and get a ton of stuff to help her through the upcoming surgery. Food for the kids, food for her and stuff to help during those hard nights.

I would give the money to Sirly, the little girl we sponsor in Honduras through Children International. She lives in a one-room mud hut with her brother, sister and mother, without running water, heat or A/C. $100 would go a long ways for them. Thanks for running this promotion!

I think I’d donate it to the Children’s Hospital drive currently going on or if that is over then to Volunteers of America because my kids and I have really enjoyed participating in their family volunteer opportunities and have seen the direct impact that organization is making.

I would pay it forward with my sister. She has helped me out a ton, and now she is in need of some help. So I would make sure she got what she was needing. sweepmorey at gmail dot com

We have a charity called the Community Table in town and I would donate it to them because they are always looking for anything to feed the needy

I have several friends that are going through some rough times. I would use the gift card to buy smaller gifts for each to lift their spirits. Great giveaway. Thanks to both Denver Parent and Coca-Cola

My nephew has overcome something recently that had challenged him the past several years. I would use the $$ to travel to a ceremony to recognize his efforts.

A young woman is battle cancer and her family could use help with the hospital bills.. that’s where my pay it forward would go.

I know a dear family who fosters children, including medically fragile newborns (most born to drug addicts.) While they do get help from the state to care for these little ones, I know their older kids could use a day of fun because they are just as connoted to these kiddos as their parents. Incredible family. I’d give it to them!

I would give it to st. Jude’s children’s hospital to help with pediatric cancers.

I woudl “pay it forward” to my daughter, Ally, who is the author of the blog and is working on a project leaving post-it messages of love And hope in public everywhere! She writes notes of self love and hope and leaves them on mirrors, backs of doors, anywhere someone might see one- She inspired a lot of kids to love themselves with her blog, and I want to help empower her to help others!

I’d pay it forward to the Family Learning Center in Boulder. I spent a little bit of time tutoring there as a student and I really enjoyed my time there, plus I know they need all the support they can get. The money would be paid forward several times over at the FLC.

What a great program! My husband’s aunt had adopted her 5 grandsons, plus her husband’s 2 kids. We support them in many ways, but would really love to help them more- especially since she’s got all the kids involved in so many after school activities.

I would give the card to a local mom here in Bellingham. She and her kids just lost everything they have in a fire, and I don’t have much to share with them.

I would pay it forward to the Autism Science Foundation – the research they are doing is so important for people with autism!

I do have a nominee in mind. My friend’s teen daughter who is becoming involved with leadership programs in her high school and with some faith-based organizations. I have been impressed watching her work tirelessly with a Presidential campaign last year, with her congregation, and generally for civic improvement. She is the kind of person who makes me feel hope for her generation and how they choose to act in this world.

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