Parents on Election 2012: I am Always Late to the (Two) Party

I was very hesitant to write about the election. I tend to skirt the issues. I have opinions for sure. And those opinions have changed or gotten stronger since I’ve gotten older and had children. But I don’t seem to have the attention span to really pay attention to all the issues.  Especially the economic ones. The medical ones. The ones with big numbers to compare. The ones with terms that get thrown around that I have a vague grasp of. Those economic discussions intimidate me. And I know people on multiple sides of the issues that either need a job or health care, are freeloaders taking advantage of the system, have a job but too much of their pay check goes to taxes, depend on government services that may be cut, etc. It’s hard to see a one size fits all approach to solving our economic dilemmas. I know we need to cut spending, but to take it away from preventative health care services that benefit so many, doesn’t seem to be the right way.

Socially it seems straight forward to me.  Basic rights. We’re all equal. Unless you’re gay, poor, sick, pregnant, in a religious minority… Then you don’t get the same rights.   Denying someone a simple ceremony, piece of paper, that allows them to show the world they love each other. Or because someone is sick they are not eligible for health insurance. Really? The amount of money these corporations earn makes me lean toward government intervention. One person making millions, while another is unable to get the basic treatment needed to save his life because he has a preexisting condition.

That’s a Canadian in the background. He has a better understanding of our issues than I do.

There are too many issues that come up in elections and I have a hard time organizing so many issues into ONE vote.

One of my many issues is how is it that politicians are allowed to lie and stretch the truth so much? Really? In this day and age, with all the instant technology, you’d think they’d feel like the fool being caught.  But I guess the strategy is to get their version of the “facts” out there and hope who ever hears it won’t check or hear the one little news story that does check. And considering the number of commercials aired versus the number of fact-checking articles. I guess I see the candidates reasoning. It just seems like there should be means to regulate this. I’d love to see the statistics of who lies the least.

What I would also really like to see is the other candidates have an equal shot at the election. Democrats and Republicans have such a strong hold on all the money, TV networks and the economy.  I know they control the debates, but why not invite a couple of the other stronger candidates? What are their suggestions for how to fix the economy?  Like so much of the election, it’s a political move to keep the competition out.  They don’t want a Greenie snagging votes from a Democrat or Tea Cupper to snag from the Republicans. It’s political and makes me all the more suspicious of the system.  Our system that we advocate to the world does not really seem to be the one we truly practice. Yes, we let anyone run for president, but you won’t get the face time that is basically required to get the votes. You must be “one of two.” Fit into two little boxes or you won’t really be taken seriously. Because we all know it would be a waste of a vote. I guess we don’t want 10 people debating, but some could be easily eliminate during a fair shot at a primary (like a playoff system. College football is doing it. If they can make a change, why not the election process. Whoop! Whoop!). But all these “undecided” voters are struggling because they don’t fit into our two party system.  We need more parties.  Imagine. More parties.

I don’t think the Republicans were necessarily wrong in wanting Romney to fit into their mold.  If you want a label, fit that label.  If you want to be a little bit different, then you’re not that specific label.  Can you be a weak Republican? I was a weak vegetarian. Until I found Pescetarian.  That was my label.  I found my people and I switched parties.  But I understand that if Romney wants the power to control the greatest nation, he has to make changes and conform.  But that sucks.  Why can’t he just be who he is and fit into his own party and still compete.  He might have actually had my vote at one point in his life. But we’ll never know. He has to do what he can to get himself elected.

Or her. That’s yet another party though. But someday….



Adrienne Yoshihara is a  SAHM, wife, teacher on a break, and loves her amazing, medically challenged dog. She is always looking for activities to do with (and without) her fantastic toddlers. She periodically writes for her children at – but not often.

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Excellent points- Love your viewpoint- thanks for sharing and yes, we do need to make room for other parties but sadly until we get rid of the Electoral College which would require a CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT, I am not sure that will happen which is sad. 2 party system evokes too much hate/too much campaign spending and pure and simple- we are not a true democracy just like we are not a true capitalist nation -if we were, none of our deductions would be DEDUCTIONS, and our children would not be in public schools either. Anyway, great thoughts. The GOP did not have a strong candidate so they are also voting for what they believe is the lesser of two evils FOR THEM. Sadly, their candidate is the least “presidential” I have seen in sometime.

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