IMAX Space Junk 3D – The Final Frontier for Space Debris

There are so many complications with our world, natural and man made. From global warming, fires, floods and hurricanes, to recession and oppression (I’m sure there are a few more things).  So much to worry about.  Now we’ll add one more thing. Space Junk. In 3D of course. Must make our newest catastrophe something to wonder at.

The latest IMAX to come to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science is an amazing tale of how we have created yet another dumping zone for our trash. Specifically, our space castoffs. These castoffs multiply every single time a piece of debris crashes into another making thousands of more pieces of debris floating around the Earth at tens of thousands of miles per hour. Even a paint chip could cause catastrophic damage to something like the International Space Station. Also, I learned that there really is a Middle Earth (MEO – Middle Earth Orbit).  How cool is that? Hobbits? Orcs? Elves? That’s where they are. Though, I think it’s LEO (Low Earth Orbit) where most of the debris, shuttles, space stations, etc. are located.

The imagery and special effects are amazing, breathtaking. How they show the pathways of all our satellites, the potential debris collision courses, and what happens as they collide, as well as what is would look like when our galaxy collides with our neighboring galaxy Andromeda. This last specific event won’t happen for something like 4 billion years.  But, wow.

It is a definite must go.  And as the current space program (those NASA folks) seems to be reorganizing their focus, this will give all our little green kiddos (environmentalists. not aliens.), something new to focus on in the “Save our Planet” scheme. The cloud of debris out there is astonishing and we’re in need of new creative thinkers to clean it up.

It opens this Friday, July 13, 2012 at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science with multiple daily showings into October.

Adrienne Yoshihara is a  SAHM, wife, teacher on a break, and loves her amazing, medically challenged dog. She is always looking for activities to do with (and without) her fantastic toddlers.
And now LOVES the Denver Museum of Nature and Science with her 20 month old twin toddlers! Who would’ve thought that big, stuffed, dead animals would be so fascinating to a toddler.