My Mountain High Moment – what’s yours?

What is your ‘Mountain High Moment?’ – this could be a favorite past-time or anything that makes you and your family happy? Please post in the comments – I’m eager to hear your favorites!

Our favorite “Mountain High Moment” is taking trips together as a family – short trips like day trips or weeks away! Sometimes in the mountains, sometimes on the plains.

We love to explore as a family and a drive out of town might include shopping in a new town, a hike in a parks area we aren’t familiar with or exploring small museums.

Long trips include exploring inexpensive Motels (thus my Mid-Century Motels site) and finding out of the way tourist attractions.

We also love collecting National Park Passport Stamps – it’s amazing all the weird out of the way National Parks you find if you plan trips around seeking them out! A friend of ours got us started doing this and we’ve found some amazing places scouting around for them.

What’s Your Mountain High Moment?

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I had never heard of the National Park passport books! That is cool! My kids love doing the JR Ranger programs at the parks and receiving JR ranger patches or pins!

Day trips are awesome. We love going to Red Rocks or just getting in the car and going where ever just to get away and enjoy the outdoors.

I didn’t know you could get national park passport stamps. That is cool.

It is fun to explore as a family. It creates awesome memories too.

Sometimes in the summer, I have Mountain High Moments by meeting friends at the local water fountain for some splashing around 🙂

Oh, and I shared one in my last post:

Seeing that mountain skyline when driving on 70 towards evergreen! It get’s me every time!

That is a great picture of your kiddos! We are so lucky to live in Colorado. We have Mountain High Moments just going outside!!

Swimming! ALL of the family, from the youngest to the oldest enjoy swimming. Can’t wait for those pools to open.

I am like the others, I didn’t know you could get stamps for National Parks. I need to learn more about that since we travel in our travel trailer all summer. That would be a Mountain High Moment for me, whenever we travel together as a family and see new places.

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