“Hunger Games” review round-up for parents!

The Hunger Games hit theaters this past week to a lot of hoopla! The movie has a violent theme and yet the book it’s based on is a Young Teens Book. So, how is the movie (and the book that matter) for our kids?

Instead of writing a review myself I thought I’d link to a round of of some of the most insightful and helpful reviews around:

The book:

The award winning Melissa Taylor at Imagination Soup writes about “What age is Appropriate to read the Hunger Games”

The movie:

Dave Taylor, better known to readers of Denver Parent as the author of GoFatherhood.com, writes a great review on DaveonFilm.com

Chris Bird via “Between Talk” posts her insightful review: “The Odds are Ever in your Favor”

Geekdad.com always does a “10 things you should know” and they don’t disappoint with their “10 Things Parent Should Know about The Hunger Games

What did you think? Have your read the book? Do you think the movie stands up?

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Thanks, Mary-Francis for these links (including mine). I’m really excited to see the movie myself, it sounds like one of the few book-adaptations that stayed true to the book. I’m sure that happened since the author worked on the script and production of the movie.

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