Charity begins at home! The Gathering Place

As one of our highlighted Charities in the “Charity Begins at Home” series, The Gathering Place has been a wonderful addition to Denver’s services since 1986. I had the pleasure of helping them with their TP the GP fundraising program (which raised money for such glamorous things as toilet paper! 🙂 ) as well as attending several fundraising events.  It’s a wonderful cause and at the end of this post you can see what you and your family can do to  help.

The Gathering Place exists to support women and their children experiencing homelessness and poverty by providing a safe daytime refuge and resources for self-sufficiency.
• We believe that women, their children, and transgender individuals experiencing homelessness and poverty deserve a safe and caring place to re-establish their lives.
• We also believe that everyone, no matter what their circumstances, is worthy of respect and is a valuable human being just as they are.
• It is not our place to judge anyone; The Gathering Place exists to offer women a safe haven, resources for self-sufficiency, and opportunities to acquire new skills.
• Women who are able to meet their immediate and urgent needs can then call upon their inner resources and make positive life changes for themselves and their children.
• Every day at The Gathering Place, women meet other women who share similar life experiences or circumstances. In each other’s company, these individuals share their stories, give advice, offer friendship and support, and build community.

Women and children who visit The Gathering Place can utilize and/or participate in activities and programs such as (this is not an exhaustive list):
• Breakfast, lunch, and a hearty afternoon snack (we serve ~5,400 meals per month)
• Betsy’s Cupboard (food bank, diapers, infant formula, feminine hygiene products)
• Bridget’s Boutique (clothing bank for women and children)
• Showers and laundry facilities
• Access to phones, voice mail, and mail
• A Family Area where staff supervise children while mothers obtain resources and participate in programming
• Resources and referrals to other supporting agencies
• The Card Project
• Writers Group
• Crochet, knitting, and other arts classes
• Financial literacy and housing classes
• Computer lab and computer


Families can and do help us in a number of ways. They donate food to our food pantry, new or gently used clothes to our clothing boutique, and even hats, scarves, and gloves during the winter months so that we can distribute them. We also have a meal sponsorship program and many families choose to sponsor a meal (we serve three a day: breakfast, lunch, and a substantial snack in the late afternoon), which means they purchase the food, prepare it onsite, serve the meal, and even dine with those they are serving.

For more information contact The Gathering Place, located at 1535 High Street Denver, CO 80218. Or call 303-321-4198. Visit


I’ve heard amazing things about this place! Thanks for bringing it to my attention again.

They offer free, regular tours I’ve been dying to do. What a great organization.

Great! Thanks for this. I’ve been wanting to find other organizations like this to donate our clothing, etc to.

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