Beauty and the Beast 3D – timeless!

Last week I took my son to Beauty and the Beast 3D. What really hit me is how utterly lovely the movie and the story is and that I can still end up with little tears and my heart bursting during the scenes. The voice over acting is amazing and the characters are wonderful.

So, you might ask, how was the 3D. Well, really I think it could be likened to a pop-up book. Certainly not the “oooos, and ahhhs” we got during “Kung Fu Panda 2” – but sweet, with little additional animation like flowers in the foreground and a walk-through of the castle.

I think this 3D is a great place to start for little kids. My son has sensory issues and so the 3D experience is quite often a bit much for him (for example “Kung Fu Panda 2” which was technically fabulous, but almost overwhelming and scary at times) but there isn’t anything that flies at you or invades your personal space in this show.

As for “Beauty and the Beast”  – the story is timeless, lovely, the heroine one of my favorite in all of the Disney classic stories – who can’t love a smart, discriminating, book-crazy girl who loves her father?