Toy Story 3 on Ice, fantastic for any fans!

My son is a HUGE Toy Story fan! This show met his expectations! Big favorites were the army men – who arrive in style and do an awesomely fun dance. We all enjoyed Barbie and Ken (great skating there!). Ken’s scene where he does multiple outfit changes was a huge favorite of my kids!

The music is “updated” so our tween recognized many of her favorites…and was of course appalled I didn’t know them!

My son did complain that the show is an edited one – they skip a lot of the “meat” of the story – so if you haven’t seen Toy story 3, don’t expect this to substitute for the movie!

Just a note on the Pepsi Center – the East parking lot is $5 cheaper and you can “escape” after the show via Auraria Parkway and be 1/2 way home before others are out of the big lot!

And you still have my Bonus – Ticket Code for a discount!

Enter the code: FFA at: to save $4 per ticket. (Valid only Fri, Dec. 9 and Sat, Dec. 10 at 11am & 7pm; and Sun, Dec. 11 at 11am; excludes Front Row and VIP seats).

2011 Denver Coliseum Performance Schedule:

Friday, Dec. 9 – 11AM & 7PM
Saturday, Dec. 10 – 11AM, 3PM & 7PM

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Sounds like it was a good show. Glad the family enjoyed it, and I’m sure the hints about parking will be gratefully received. Guess we’ll have to wait for years if this ever gets out to Oz.

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