Recrafting Holiday Decorations for a Greener Christmas!

Happy Holidays everyone! This afternoon I had the hot cocoa out and put the HD “fireplace” channel (complete with seasonal music) on the TV and got out the decorations and started to decorate.

Well, not sure how you all feel, but I’m sick of my decorations. A lot of them are hand me downs from my parents or junk people have given me. The one tradition I will stay firm on is to decorate the Christmas tree with ornaments that have been collected through the years. They don’t all match, but I remember every one and where it came from. This year the ornaments I got from our family trip to South Dakota will join the others on the tree.

However, I digress … back to the junk I’m sick of. I’m actually going to go through my stuff this year and Freecycle a lot of it ( for those of you who haven’t found it yet). And this afternoon I went off to the thrift store to work through their fabulous piles of neat junk (oh sorry, decorations). What I quickly found is that wreaths and garlands with all the decoration on them were around $13, but you could pick up a ball of fabulous ribbon and a bare wreath for about $3 ($1.50 each item). Here’s an easy tutorial for a fabric bow. This way you can decorate it the way you like and in the colors that fit your décor.

When I got home, I started to surf more ideas. I love this idea (of course it means another run to the thrift store for the supplies) check out this tutorial on how to make a reindeer wreath. Or save some money and buy pine boughs (or cut them out of the yard) and the base for this wreath is reusable and made from coat hangers.

As far as other decorations go, the options are endless (again based on your décor and personal taste. If you have a baby who has outgrown their mittens, or you can make another run to the thrift store, here are some cute Mr. and Mrs. Snowman Mittens. You can make larger ones to sit around or use baby ones to hang from the tree. WAY cute! Speaking of which, is a wealth of Holiday decorating and gift ideas.

Have fun crafting and remember all of the junk you can save from hitting the landfill this year! Craft a truly green Holiday season!

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We save the Christmas cards we receive every year, tear off the back, and use the pictured fronts for gift tags. That’s one way we like to be green for Christmas.

Love it. Thanks for posting this.

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