Summer Scheduling

My husband and I work from home – which is a blessing and a curse. The overhead is lower, we have a flexible schedule and we get to spend more time with each other and the kids.

Then there’s summer.

Last summer we had a fabulous plan…we had an entire schedule worked out for the summer where the kids would do one fun thing a day. Our Aspergers son thrives on a schedule and needs some routine. So, I’m working on organizing this summer.

Days will likely look like this:

8-9am – have breakfast, make bed, do chores

9-10am – reading and writing time

10-12am – free time!

12pm – lunch

12:30-3 Do something out (see big calendar)

3-3:30 clean up

3:30-5 tv time

The big goal is to do something out every day – it might be go swimming, go to a museum, hang out at a park or any variety of activities. What are you favorite summer activities with your kids? Do you take the summer off?


Oh my gosh, you’re so organised! I’m afraid I hold out for summer and the wheels fall off everything to do with the kids while I just throw myself into working :). The kids do evil things – stay up till 2am, sleep until 2pm etc. They get one summer structured thing each though. Camps they choose. Other than that, it’s lazy time for them. I’m a bad mum 😉

I spent most of the day looking for all of the fun activities to do around Denver and putting them on my calendar.

Did you know there is a farmers market and free train ride in Evergreen on Tuesdays?

I’m excited to go to some new (to us) parks, the children’s museum, letterboxing and to the pool!

By the way, Golden also has a great pool.

There’s also a fun new-ish playground in Westminster, complete with water fountain.

Some great ideas here — love the schedule and Connie’s suggestion of the Evergreen train. Maybe a coordinated outing for many of us and our kiddos?

I’d love to have a big Denver blogger picnic at one of the amazing parks in the area. That Westminster park is fantastic. Lots to do for kids of all ages.

AJ is in swim team so that’s 7:30 – 8:30 for all of us! And all day Saturdays. But, I like it b/c I get to see other adults and it’s great exercise for her.

Then maybe we can get our day scheduled like yours. Did you see this guest post?

Ugh! I’ve written down some things I’d like to see around the state, but we did that last year and only got to 1 thing. It’s hard right now since we’ve got a toddler who still naps and we have to try to coordinate things around his schedule.

Aside from golf lessons and gymnastics for the girls we are planning a family trip to Washington DC! That should be a ton of fun.

Maddy is only three, but I am someone who needs at least a loose schedule or I start to lose track of time doing unnecessary things so we have always had a bit of a schedule in place.

I like your schedule it’s open ended enough for kiddos to be on their own while still having some planned activities.

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