Plan a family trip to Golden

As a blogger, I often get opportunities to “scope out” places to take your family or shows, recently I got a chance to go to Golden – it doesn’t sound very exciting, not like going to Disneyland or someplace exotic, but boy did we have fun!

So much fun that I have a trip planned back with my in-laws (who are visiting from australia) in the next week or so.

So, what’s so cool about Golden?

Pretty Scenery
– with a lovely lazy river running through town and mountains all around, the scenery alone feels like a getaway. There are plenty of patios to sit, sip and enjoy!

Great shopping – a walk down downtown Golden’s main street is fun – there’s a variety of great shops, with friendly staff. I found a fantastic hat at Baby Doe’s clothing shop on Washington street! They carry tons of locally produced and earth friendly merchandise (oh and it’s cute too).

FREE Horse drawn carriage rides at the Farmer’s Market – free is always a great thing, but in this case it’s free and totally fun.  The Farmer’s Market runs every Saturday starting June 4th – with a few variations in times (check the website) and includes live music and local merchants! I know we’re going to check this out!

Courtesy Chris Bird

Cupcakes (do I need to say more?)
– at the Windy Saddle Cafe on Washington Ave (Golden’s main street) – I have to say this is probably the best cupcake I’ve ever had (and I’ve had a lot) – so be sure to make it a stop!

None of this includes the obvious attractions like the Colorado Railroad Museum, Coors Brewery Tour , Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum (which has some awesome kids classes planned for this summer) or the American Mountaineering Museum (which has a fantastic climbing wall! ).

Check it out this summer – you’ll be glad you did!


Don’t know why the quilt museum is crossed off but as for the rest of it,I whole-heartedly agree. So many great things to do in Golden! Our favorites are biking along Clear Creek, the chicken lady at the Clear Creek History Park and the Saturday farmer’s market.

Apparently that meant the link didn’t work – fixed now! 🙂 thanks for pointing it out!

I am so excited to spend some time in Golden this summer with the kids. So many cool things to experience!

Golden has always been the little place you drive past on the way to ski – but now I’m definitely going to spend a day strolling around those fantastic shops!

I had a lovely time in Golden!

Can’t wait to spend more time there this summer.

Did you know they have a water park?

I’m sure we’ll be bumping into you in a week or so for First Fridays! Let’s hope we have better weather!

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