“Hop”, hop, hippity hop – a great new Easter Classic!

As I sit at my desk humming “I want Candy” (it’s really easy to get that one stuck in your head!) , I’m reflecting back on “Hop” and our families experience watching it and there’s one conclusion – that was a really fun movie!

Russell Brand is charming and snuggly (how FAR computer animation come, hasn’t it?) as “EB”, as the movie’s “hero” he’s next in line to become the Easter Bunny but his dream is to be a professional drummer.  James Marsden (who our kids remembered as the Prince in “Enchanted”, but we remember as Cyclops in “X-men”) plays a “screw-up” still living at home after a year of being unemployed.

The hands down favorite tho, was Hank Azaria, who was hysterical as Carlos, the chick who feels he’s been overlooked too long as an obvious successor to the Easter Bunny. It seems like a lot going on, but the story moves fast and kept the interest of the kids as well as mixing in “adult” humor that kept us laughing as well.

This Universal pictures movie is as much about being a parent and growing up as it is about Easter, but it’s destined to be a funny Easter “classic” to dig out each year.

However, don’t take my word for it, here are my kids reviews: