Disney Live: Mickey’s Magic show at the Wells Fargo Theater

If you’re going to anything at the Wells Fargo Theater (especially with children) here are a few good tips, give yourself enough time to wait in line to pay the meter in the garage. The parking is $12, which isn’t that crazy and you can pay with a credit card.

The elevators were broken, but I’m sort of assuming htat’s not a common event. So parking actually took longer than we planned. The show also started at 6, so rush hour driving was a bit of a challenge, but not terrible.

However, for families, I found this one of the easiest places to get around in – pretty much all indoors and big open areas, so you’re not squished while trying to walk around (I found the Pepsi Center pretty clausterphobic).

The show was great – median age in the audience about 5, but my 8 and 10 year old loved it! The magic tricks were sophisticated enough that my daughter and husband argued all the way home about how they did them.  There were explosions and flashes of light and some pretty cool “special effects”  – so enough to keep most kids interested!

I do think the some of the very small children in the audience struggled with it. I’m sure some were fine, but if you have a child with a short attention span who is NOT dazzled by Disney characters, maybe you should take them to the daytime shows? Also, there is an intermission, so it’s a great time to work out that extra energy!