Have you heard about or watched the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why? Suicide Prevention information for Parents, Kids and Counselors

If you have a child, niece, nephew, family friend, or teenage student, chances are they are one of the millions of viewers who are talking about this thought-provoking, disturbing, and at times horrifying story of the suicide of a teenage girl named Hannah. Each episode of “13 Reasons Why” outlines a different reason Hannah decided to take her own life, ranging from being … [Read more...]

Nicole Nageli, local 13 year old wins 2016 Moonbeam Children’s Book Award

Nicole Nageli, a 13 year old from Castle Rock, has realized her dream of publishing her original graphic novel, The Adventures of Kate the Cat. Nicole's journey began with a passion for drawing she discovered in the third grade. Her passion for drawing evolved into a desire to tell stories with her pictures and from there into the idea she could create an entire graphic novel.  … [Read more...]

Pregnant Moms can look to Ford for Auto Safety

Most of us value the safety of a pregnant woman, but Ford has taken it to the next level. Last week I got to check out Ford's empathy suit. A multi-component, weighted garment, the suit is designed to enable men and women to experience the effects of pregnancy. Engineers used, and are continuing to use this insight to understand the needs and limitations of moms-to-be when … [Read more...]

Welcome to The Dahl House from the Denver Film Society

The "Welcome to the Dahl House" series will highlight 7 family friendly films from the beloved children’s author, Roald Dahl. Each week the Denver Film Society will screen a film on Saturday morning at 10:30am. All tickets are $5 (children 6 and under are free) and include an all-you-can-eat cereal bar beginning at 10am. The series will kicks off this Saturday, June 4 … [Read more...]

Interview: The Laurie Berkner Band, kid’s music even parents love!

We get a lot of requests here at Denver Parent and it's not often we ask to write MORE about an upcoming event than a PR firm requests, but this was Laurie Berkner! If you've never heard of her or her band, then your kids were deprived! Some of her songs are some of my kid's favorites still (and they're 13 and 15) and we often burst out in song when a similar phrase or the … [Read more...]