Have you heard about or watched the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why? Suicide Prevention information for Parents, Kids and Counselors

If you have a child, niece, nephew, family friend, or teenage student, chances are they are one of the millions of viewers who are talking about this thought-provoking, disturbing, and at times horrifying story of the suicide of a teenage girl named Hannah. Each episode of “13 Reasons Why” outlines a different reason Hannah decided to take her own life, ranging from being … [Read more...]

Great Wolf Lodge in Colorado Springs is fun for the whole family!

Great Wolf Lodge in Colorado Springs invited us to visit for a weekend, who am I to say no? I was a bit concerned when we arrived that the attractions would not appeal to my children as everything looked a little too kiddy oriented to me, I was pleasantly shocked at the amount of fun we had during the weekend. The main attraction is the water park which includes four … [Read more...]

He said/She said, a “duet” at the new Voicebox Karaoke

He said/She said - would you take two groups of kids on a date to a karaoke bar? We did! "How would you and your kids like to go to karaoke with me and my kids?" Karaoke? I can't sing, I don't want to get up in front of a bunch of strangers and embarrass myself. Could you possibly have a worse idea? Now, in a rare moment of self control, I managed to keep these thoughts … [Read more...]

Back to school data plan to control your Pokemon Go crazed Student!

With the release of Pokemon Go, most parents are thrilled to see their kids out and about and playing in parks. However, there's a downside - data! Has your data shot through the roof? Verizon is trying to help - they have unveiled a new My Verizon app where you can gain complete control of your wireless plan. Beginning today, you choose the amount of data you want and make … [Read more...]

Steampunk and more this summer at the Colorado Railroad Museum

If you haven't been out to the Colorado Railroad Museum lately, there's something for every age group. With over 100 narrow and standard gauge steam and diesel locomotives, passenger cars, cabooses HO Model Railroad and G-scale garden railway a 15-acre railyard. There is a great exhibit titled "Eating on the Rails: A Look at Dining on Railroads" where they explore the … [Read more...]