Denver Comic Con is Fun for the Whole Family

We’re on a quest this Summer to find new things to do as a family. We’ve done a lot of the mainstream things Denver has to offer so I’m always keeping an ear out for new and unexpected things to try out. I was standing in line at Target recently when I overheard a conversation about Denver Comic Con being one of the only Comic Cons in the country that is promoted as kid … [Read more...]

Zootopia lives up to expectations – for all ages

One of the things that struck me immediately while watching Zootopia is that they kept the animals in perspective - the mice are small, the elephants are huge and when Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin) becomes the first rabbit to join the police force, she quickly learns how tough it is to enforce the law. And perspective is exactly what this movie has, on animals and … [Read more...]

Super Tuesday – How to participate in the Colorado Caucus

First, what is a caucus: Primaries and caucuses are two very different methods of accomplishing the same basic thing. Simply put, they are both a means for each political party to let vote­rs nationwide select their party's presidential nominee by selecting delegates (representatives of party members in each state) to send to the party's national convention. ­ At each … [Read more...]

The Screen Time Dilemma

I Became Obsessed with Creating a Hands-on/Screen-Off Collaborative Technology Experience for my Kids. There’s a long list of topics that you only think about as a parent. The amount of time my children spend sitting in front of a screen has moved to the top of that list. When the research community talks about excessive screen time with kids, they use terms like sensory … [Read more...]

3.14 ways to have fun on Pi Day in Denver!!

In 2009, Congress even passed a nonbinding resolution recognizing March 14 as National Pi Day. But this year, Pi Day holds special reverence because of the perfect sequence of numbers: 3.141592653. Not to mention it's Einstein's birthday! Woot! We even waited to post this post at 3-14-15 at 9:26!! Ways to Celebrate: University of Colorado, will pay tribute to pi with … [Read more...]