Summer Lovin’ at Film on the Rocks

What's better than the days getting longer and warmer and school letting out? A sing a long version of "Grease" at the amazing Red Rocks Amphitheater, brought to us by Film on the Rocks. Film on the Rocks is a collaborative production of the Denver Film Society and Denver Arts & Venues and was created to provide an affordable opportunity for the community to enjoy films … [Read more...]

Top 5 family highlights from the Denver Auto show

Favorite Family Cars: Chrysler Pacifica and Pacifica Hybrid (coming soon as the FIRST hybrid minivan) - I really shouldn't pick a favorite car, but for families this year, the Pacifica is pretty groundbreaking. First, they've tried really really hard to make it NOT look like a minivan (honestly I think we should just "own it" and get over driving one!) - but it's pretty … [Read more...]

It’s “Open Season” (4) on Campfire Safety

Elliot and Boog are back in this fourth installment in the Open Season film series!   Elliot's campfire story about the legend of the Wailing Wampus Werewolf scares Boog so much that he decides to skip their annual camping trip. Deciding to help Boog get rid of his fears, Elliot and their friends set out to uncover the mystery of the werewolf. This new movie is packed … [Read more...]

Super Tuesday – How to participate in the Colorado Caucus

First, what is a caucus: Primaries and caucuses are two very different methods of accomplishing the same basic thing. Simply put, they are both a means for each political party to let vote­rs nationwide select their party's presidential nominee by selecting delegates (representatives of party members in each state) to send to the party's national convention. ­ At each … [Read more...]

The Screen Time Dilemma

I Became Obsessed with Creating a Hands-on/Screen-Off Collaborative Technology Experience for my Kids. There’s a long list of topics that you only think about as a parent. The amount of time my children spend sitting in front of a screen has moved to the top of that list. When the research community talks about excessive screen time with kids, they use terms like sensory … [Read more...]