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Ali Damron

Ali writes about her trials and tribulations of being a new mom to a beautiful little boy, how she stays healthy and fit , shares new recipes and how she balances life between family and her acupuncturist business. Her blog is

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Vicki Little

Vicki Little is a work-at-home mom with two young kids. A Colorado native, she is the Publisher and Editor of Macaroni Kid Aurora and Downtown Denver. When she isn’t writing or trying to keep up with her kids she can be found volunteering, reading, or getting beaten at chess by her son.

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Kristan Marsden

Kristan spends her days living and learning with her two young daughters. When she is not writing about education and parenting, you’ll find her running (preferably with friends), skiing, struggling through the occasional yoga class and escaping to the mountains every chance she gets. When life allows it, she loves to travel and scuba dive with her (much more adventurous) husband.

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Kia Ru

Kia writes about Colorado life as a mom to two young boys (infant and preschooler) heading outside, eating real food, and being as healthy as possible. She writes with some references to her science past with evidenced-based wellness and holistic action at You can also catch Kia leading classes on her yoga mat in the Front Range and on occasion around the country.

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headshot with marshmallowsAnna Sher Simon

Anna Sher Simon shares her experiences from the perspective of a Denver parent who is a lesbian, Jewish, and one who is balancing a career as a biology professor and her family life.  Her partner of more than 10 years, Fran, helps inspire and edit her blog postings.  They have an energetic young son who keeps them both laughing and on their toes.

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Mindy Sink

Mindy Sink is the author of Moon Handbooks Guide to Denver, Walking Denver, and a co-author of Colorado Organic: Cooking Seasonally, Eating Locally. She has written extensively for The New York Times and her work has also appeared in The Christian Science Monitor, Sunset Magazine and many other well-known publications and web sites. To learn more about Mindy, go to

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Tina Sroka


Two kids 12-13, Originally from upstate NY with lots of NY Italian influence in my cooking!
I don’t have a job but I guess my background is tv and radio business development, I hike, I’m a glamper ( Astro the camper) like cooking live in Denver highlands……inspiring mom, lab lover and queen of repurposing vintage finds in the alleys of Denver. Home is my kitchen, 60’s retro, bungalows and more!

Tina’s Table

Dave Taylor

davetaylorDave Taylor is a proud single dad of three fabulous children, a 17 yo girl, 13 yo boy and 10 yo girl. They can drive him crazy at times, but the house is clean and warm, everyone’s got nicely furnished rooms and when the going gets tough, it’s his house that the kids gravitate towards. Read more about his life as a single dad and his musings on divorce and parenting in the modern age at

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heather-guess-kempHeather Guess Kemp

Heather Guess Kemp is the founder of and also Her work is also featured on The Huffington PostColorado Moms, Hashtag Life With Boys, Denver Parent, in ELIFE Magazine and on MDWAS.  Her background is in marketing, the nonprofit realm and many combinations of both.

She and her husband live with their three sons and fur babies near Boulder. Email her at