3.14 ways to have fun on Pi Day in Denver!!

In 2009, Congress even passed a nonbinding resolution recognizing March 14 as National Pi Day. But this year, Pi Day holds special reverence because of the perfect sequence of numbers: 3.141592653. Not to mention it’s Einstein’s birthday! Woot! We even waited to post this post at 3-14-15 at 9:26!!pi-pie
Ways to Celebrate:
University of Colorado, will pay tribute to pi with contests such as taking pi to the highest number of decimal places, Pie-eating and pie-throwing competitions are also planned.

Run 3.14 miles around beautiful Washington Park. The park is 2.35 miles around, so you need a pedometer and more than one loop to make things right!

Local Deals:

Patxis Pizza

Every guest that is a member of their loyalty program who dines with them, or orders takeout / delivery will be automatically entered into a giveaway and 314 of those guests will win an assortment of prizes, including free pizza, appetizers, or monetary discounts. Winners will have their prize appear on their Thanx app the next day (3/15, Sunday.) You need to sign up for their app at https://app.thanx.com/at/patxispizza

Whole Foods’
One-Day “Pi” Sale: 60% Off Cream PieWhole FoodsHow else do you celebrate National Pi Day? Eating pie, of course! Today, Saturday, March 14, Whole Foods Market is selling a cream pie for $3.14 (reg. $8, 6-inch.) To find Whole Foods Market locations, click here. While you’re in the store, be sure to pick up the sales flyer for more deals — or find the information online before you shop.


This place was pointed out by one of our regular contributors and wow does it look awesome. Rumor has it they have deeply discounted Raspberry Pi B on sale while supplies last. (geeks should all check  out their classes – they look fantastic!)

That’s more than 3.14 ways to celebrate, but we wanted to give you as many ideas as possible!  Be sure to add any other local deals you know about in the comments.


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