Test driving the Mitsubishi Outlander

Because of Colorado’s insane weather and a visit to our family by the flu virus, my husband and I got to test drive the  2015 Mitsubishi Outlander SE and really were able to put it through it’s paces with some bad weather driving and late night run to the emergency room!

10914345_721466464634769_1803813018_nThe Outlander’s safety features include Super All-Wheel Drive, which was great during the snow. It did equally good on sloppy roads and slick roads during bad weather.

One of my first trips out in it was to take my son to the emergency room with an allergic reaction (yep, he’s fine) and the heated seats were fantastic at that hour in chilly Colorado!

The interior is well designed with decent legroom on the second row, lots of cup-holders and other “necessities” like Sirius radio!

The “Eco Mode” is a nice feature, apparently allows power to go to just the two front wheels during most conditions, which Mitsubishi says boosts fuel economy. However, we realized afterward that if we had turned it off it would have improved our performance which we thought was a bit sluggish.

The Outlander SE is meant to seat 7, but with two teenagers there is absolutely no legroom. I suppose in a pinch it would work, but there’s no way we would have taken one of our long road trips with even one kid back there. We used to take long trips with my in-laws, but again, I have no idea who would ride back there, maybe young elementary school kids. However, I can’t imagine putting car seats that far from the driver and there is no airbag coverage in the third row at all.

Like other Crossover Utility Vehicles (CUV’s – a new “term” for me!) there also wouldn’t be any room for luggage if you used the third row, so I guess that’s just a feature in case you have to cram a couple of extra kids in the back on the way home from school.  So you kind of have to pick whether you want people or stuff.  I will say the cargo area is large when you fold down the seats tho, so there is plenty of room.

Ultimately I think this is a great 4 person family car (which is what we are) and with a MSRP of $29,645 it seems like a decent value as well.

On top of that every 2015 Outlander Sport model includes Mitsubishi Motors’ warranty – one of the most comprehensive in the automotive industry. Warranty coverage includes a fully-transferable 5-year/60,000 mile new vehicle limited warranty; 10-year/100,000 mile powertrain limited warranty; 7-year/100,000 mile anti-corrosion perforation limited warranty and 5-year/unlimited mile roadside assistance benefits.

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