Geek parenting corner: Have you found Chris Hadfield?

The first time I heard about Chris Hadfield, a Canadian astronaut and engineer who was the first Canadian to walk in space, was this awesome video where he shows what happens when you squeeze water out of a washcloth (totally awesome and not what we expected!).

As time goes along we’ve found heaps of other cool videos, including his “Space Kitchen” where he serves up a variety of yummy space goodies.

Show these to your kids, they’re educational and fun.

Sadly (well, for us!), Chris has landed back on earth and according to a Canadian paper is touted to be in the running for Prime Minster or any number of posh jobs due to his popularity there! However, he seems happy to be home and reportedly Tweeted: “Safely home — back on Earth, happily readapting to the heavy pull of gravity. Wonderful to smell and feel Spring.”

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