Tooth Fairy Inflation?

Did you see the story in Yahoo touting the inflation rates of the Tooth Fairy? Denver Parent contributor, Rajean Blomquist, wrote about her family experience with the Tooth Fairy and we’d love to hear how your children fare on those special evenings when they’ve left a gift for the magical flying one.

There are certain rites of passage for both parents and children in the innocence of childhood. Notice I say innocence of childhood. Sadly, there really are only a limited number of such occurrences.

We experienced one recently. Our eight-year-old daughter lost a tooth. She didn’t really lose it. She knew where it went. Actually, she yanked it herself.

As a mom, I’m rather good at coaching my children to ‘keep wiggling that tooth, come on, back & forth, to and fro.’ I tell them to twist it if they have to. Just not in front of me. I’m okay with the blood. It’s that little slice of root that doesn’t want to let go that makes me a bit uneasy. Okay, maybe I’m grossed out. Just typing this makes my mouth well up with that yucky, extra saliva that accompanies thoughts of grossness. A tingle goes up my spine as I think about a loose tooth. I just now realized I’d never make it as a boxer’s or hockey player’s mom. No way.

Some parents actually like to play dentist with their kids. They pull, even yank. Some tie a string around the unstable tooth and then tie the string around a door knob and slam the door. Who came up with this method? Ick. Seems barbaric to me. I’d rather leave the tooth removal to the professionals. The day care workers, teachers, school office assistant, janitor, six-year-old neighbor kid, register operator at Arby’s, or the kid sporting the dangle tooth. I love it when my kids lose their teeth while at school or while spending the night with a friend. It’s how it should be.

Which leads me back to our most recent pre-tooth fairy eve. School was out for summer. There was no sleep over. Dang it, her tooth just all of a sudden became a wobbler. So the coaching began. She came through with flying colors. I dutifully rinsed her mouth, cleaned off the tooth. Checked for a proper hole in her gums. We were all clear.

She excitedly put her tiny tooth in a special ‘Baby Teeth’ box I received as a baby shower gift. Very thoughtful idea, in case you’re looking for something unique & special.

Now we were about to embark upon one of those rare childhood passage moments. Anxious anticipation about when the tooth fairy would arrive. Would she miss us like she’s done a few times in the past? Would it take her a day or so to remember to stop by our home? If this has never happened to you, read no further. Your perfect parenting has no place on this blog (grins).

Would the tooth fairy have to stop to make change at the nearest gas station? Is the tooth fairy really a ‘she’ or is she a ‘he’ like portrayed in the Disney movie starring the football dude formerly known as The Rock? Where to place the box? How much money would she get for her tooth?

Times have changed. There has been noticeable tooth fairy inflation. In some homes, so I’ve heard, the tooth fairy must have mad negotiation skills in reorganizing her compensation package in order to leave extraordinary money behind in exchange for a tooth. Even dollar bills. Many dollar bills. Some with fives & tens on them. My children have shared stories of their friends sometimes getting gifts AND money. A new movie, game, toy. Unheard of, I say.

Luckily, this visit from the tooth fairy went smoothly. The tooth was gone . Change – mostly quarters – was left inside the ‘Baby Teeth’ box amounting to three dollars. Hey, it was the small front tooth right next to the big front tooth on the bottom. I didn’t look up the proper name for the tiny tooth. It was smallish. The four front teeth (top & bottom) each garner five dollars in quarters from our tooth fairy.

The excitement on her face as she showed me her winnings is all the payment I need as a mom. I’m happy with our tooth fairy this time around. She done good. No missteps. (I still think TF is a she).

Do you like to help pull the little pearly whites from their bleeding gums? Good for you. I need to go rinse my mouth now, I’ll be back.

How much money does your tooth fairy leave your children? Do you have any special tooth fairy traditions with your kids or from your childhood you’d like to share for those novice parents reading this post?



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