Recipe Round Up!

Like most tech-savvy cooks, I search the internet for yummy recipes. Some from (my favorite, the reviews are invaluable) and some from blogs.

I thought I’d start posting a few of my favorites (or even what we ate this week).

Our families Favorite Meatloaf:

We happened to have this this past week, but it’s also a family staple – “Jackie’s Special Meatloaf” from is a great basic meatloaf. It calls for “salt free seasoning blend” which we make up with garlic, basic, marjoram, parsley, thyme, onion powder, sage, mace and a touch of cayenne pepper” – it’s really good and since we make our own bread crumbs (from leftover loaves of bread going stale) we use that instead of the panko bread crumbs.

Chicken with Grape tomatoes and Fried basil –

Also from is a good yummy recipe – the rice provides a place to collect all the  yummy juices that come from the chicken.  It was fairly quick and everyone enjoyed it,  but personally I’m not sure if the fried basil was worth the trouble.

Special Needs Travel Mom – Crock pot Chuck Roast or Braised Spare Ribs Crock pot style.

This was a delicious recipe. The recipe didn’t specify how much cheese to put on them (see the picture in the article), but I’d put more than I did (put a LOT of cheese) and the ciabatta rolls were fabulous (took a bit of looking around int he store to find them) – it’s a firm roll that makes a messy sandwich like this much easier to eat. The house did indeed smell fabulous while it was cooking!