You’re invited to Small Business Saturday!

This is reposted from “Monkey-Toes” – go visit her site for more information, but I felt you all would be interested:

Wanted to cue you in before you get into your Turkey coma – we’re so excited to team up with Little Feet & More in Cherry Creek (Denver, CO) for Small Business Saturday, November 26, 2011 from 10-2.

I’ll be showing off my Monkey Toes (thankfully it won’t be my un-pedicured winter toes, it will be our adorable toddler shoes) and meeting many of you sweet people.  Little Feet will be showing off their expert shoe fitting skills and will treat with you adults and your kiddos with sweets (should you decide to share).
Monkey Toes are fun to wear and they’re also a great gift and keepsake too.

I hope you’ll avoid the malls and enjoy some one-on-one time with a couple of local small business owners.

And it gets better!  American Express is giving you a $25 statement credit to spend at a local small biz, we hope you’ll come spend it with us!

Wondering why you should support Small Business Saturday?  I’ve written a piece for LaunchHer on that very topic!