Get creative with your Thanksgiving Table!

As the most creative member of the family growing up, through the years adding design elements to a dinner party table was my favorite. What better way to do this than with placemats.

If you’re a beginning or advanced crafter, this can be the perfect reusable outlet for your craftiness, saves your table surface and it’s good for the environment too!

  • For the sophisticated table, here are a variety of instructions for some basic hand or machines … simple and you can pick whichever fabric you think suits your table and the occasion the best. I can see where that would get addictive … hmmm, Valentine’s Day, Easter … and more!
  • For family events and the kids table, you and your kids may enjoy this wonderful tutorial on “Let’s Explore” on how to make kids artwork into place-mats you’ll want to keep out year around. Imagine the possibilities!
  • And here’s a fun idea if you want to busy the kids (while the Thanksgiving turkey is cooking) marking all the places with creative placemats.
  • Or if you just want a wonderful idea and to support the crafter, these are an easy way to support crafters and save time – yep, you can just buy them! I’ve found chalk mats—how cute! I think this would be adorable at the “kid’s table” on Thanksgiving and if you’re hosting friends, they could each take one home as a gift or you can shop for a more sophisticated solution! Shop around – I always find great things on Etsy!

I hope some of these are great ideas for your Thanksgiving table and can maybe provide a bit of fodder for those crafty days!


Oooh…lots of options. I’m partial to the kids one. Thanks for this!

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